I believe that, as humans, we all search for something, or someone, to make us feel complete. When we do this, we lose sight of our own power as individuals. My music explores the challenges & joy we all face when we journey to find ourselves and have the courage to set off and complete the search for the best ‘you’..

Too often we let ourselves become hostage to another person’s vision of us. Other people's ideas and opinions become so important that we cannot see the truth even when we are staring at our own reflection. Look past all the fears and insecurities clouding your mind to the truly wondrous and beautiful person that you are. Once you love everything you see in the mirror; anything is possible.

My goal is to transform myself into excellence while embracing and loving everything about who I am. I want to share that journey with the world in the hope that someone else who may be feeling scared like I did will find the strength and courage to be themselves. I’m very proud of the man I’ve become. It is an honor to present you my soul, my heart and my art.

- Princetonation